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Agro & Eco Systems

An agro-ecosystem is the basic unit of study for an afro-ecologist, and is somewhat arbitrarily defined as a spatially and functionally coherent unit of agricultural activity, and includes the living and nonliving components involved in that unit as well as their interactions.

Sri Lanka is multicultural, Agriculture based country that in recent times there has been a tremendous increase in the interest surrounding the concept of Agro tourism, and Sri Lanka is no exception. Sri Lanka ‘s complex paddy cultivation systems (developed over the course of 2500 years), huge ancient irrigational tanks and many tea and rubber plantations are just some examples of its diverse agricultural developments and agro tourism will be catering to a niche market of agro tourists.

At Srilankan Expedition Aalanka tours can arrange any agricultural experience ranging from milking cattle on a dairy farm, having a go at plucking tea leaves using the traditional ‘bag-on-the-head’ method, rubber tapping under expert guidance, or even working in the many picturesque paddy fields of Sri Lanka.


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