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North Coast

The North Coast lies mostly within the Jaffna Peninsula which is a dry flat part of the island. Having experienced the worst of the conflict in the North, Jaffna has seen very little development over the last 30 years or so. Despite this, it has remained the seat of Hinduism in the country mostly due its proximity South India just across the Palk Strait. Jaffna displays a strange mix of both colonial South Indian architecture is a wonderful experience for those interested in exploring the fusion of cultures.The places visit at the North Coast are;

  •     Dutch Fort in Jaffna
  •     The historic Nallur Kandasamy Kovil
  •     Buddhist Vihara at Nagadeepa (Nainativu Island)
  •     Portuguese Dutch churches
  •     Keeramalai bathing pond

Major attractions of the North Coast area are;

  • Jaffna Fort
    The Fort in Jaffna was originally built the Portuguese colonists this was their last stronghold when the Dutch overran Colombo. The Dutch captured Jaffna from the Portuguese in 1658 after a three month siege further fortified the existing fort. The Dutch Church inside the Fort was built in 1706. Another fort was built on the Kayts Isllocated just off the coast of Jaffna the Dutch called Fort Hammenhiel lies at the entrance the Kayts Harbour. It remains in good condition but is a garrison of the Sri Lanka Navy.
  • Kovils
    Jaffna is full of Hindu Kovils the Nallur Kandasamy Kovil Vallipuram Kovil at Point Pedro are two of the biggest Kovils in the region hold colourful festivals every year.
  • Temple at Nagadeepa
    The Buddhist Vihara at Nagadeepa (Nainativu Island) is a place sanctified the visit of the Buddha the dagoba is said date back ancient times. The large numbers of dagobas at the Kantharodai site are dated from between the 2nd 10th Centuries.
  • Dutch & Portuguese Churches
    The Dutch Portuguese were prolific church builders in their attempt spread Christianity in their colonies. A number of ruined Portuguese Churches can be found at Myliddi Chankanai a ruined Dutch Church at Atchuveli.
  • Keeramalai Bathing Pond
    At Keeramalai is a freshwater bathing pond on the beach which is said possess therapeutic properties.
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